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Mr Fox “A Woeful Sight” – Wednesday September 1900

Last night, my window being wide open and some hen houses within a child’s stone throw, I heard a determined scratching on the wooden doors. “Aha! Mr Fox,” thought I. “ You may scratch but you’ll not get in.” I … Continue reading

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Churning, Dinner and Alterations – Tuesday September 1900

This morning’s butter would not get full marks. We don’t call it “soft” but it is not so firm to the touch as we should like. The churn was scalded and then rinsed with cold water — and the mornings … Continue reading

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Marauding Hen and Fox – Monday September 1900

The day is threatening for our “wash.” This is not so serious for us as for some, as we wash every week, and the number of articles is not alarming. There are differences of opinion as to the expediency of … Continue reading

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