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Enchanted Wood at Blossoming – June 1918

(Margaret was great observer of children. Here’s another column on her nieces and nephews) There is a wood in which, strange to say, I had never set foot. It is beyond the “top dam,” and is fenced off in a … Continue reading

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Baked Gooseberry Pudding – June 1924

Take an ordinary round pudding basin and smear it thickly with a mixture — equal quantities — of butter and demerara sugar, mixed together with the back of a spoon. Line the basin with ordinary short paste (1/2lb flour, 1/4lb … Continue reading

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Bananas First Imported – March 1922

Who could tell me when bananas were first introduced to this country. All I could have said is that there were none when I was a child but I have just been reading that it is exactly 21 years this … Continue reading

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Saturday – Withering Winds – June 1903

The dry, withering winds continue. Some young ash trees growing in a rocky declivity behind the house are drooping their leaves. One looks almost dead, and others are very woebegone. Our strawberry bed is a melancholy sight; half of the … Continue reading

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