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Late Roses – October 1921

Reports come from all over the country of the remarkable display of mid summer flowers still to be seen to perfection in our gardens. Indeed in most districts where I have been travelling, roses are finer in colour and form … Continue reading

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In an Essex Farm Garden – June 1922

I am writing this in an Essex farm garden and I am not likely to forget that I am in a southern county for the ardour of the sun, the quality of the atmosphere, the character of the crops, the … Continue reading

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To Earth by Cart of Geese – Saturday December 1900

In this morning’s paper there is a map of the Orange River District. It is about time. I have been driven half distracted by the effort to follow the windings and turnings of De Wet, Knox and Co., on maps … Continue reading

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Monday – Garden full of Calves – June 1903

Just before tea, I looked out of the window, and lo! the garden was full of calves. A caller had left the garden gate open. It leads, in true rustic fashion, into a small pasture field. Fortunately, the calves did … Continue reading

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Saturday – Withering Winds – June 1903

The dry, withering winds continue. Some young ash trees growing in a rocky declivity behind the house are drooping their leaves. One looks almost dead, and others are very woebegone. Our strawberry bed is a melancholy sight; half of the … Continue reading

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