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Numbers in a Hospital Ward – December 1924

“And how does your father like the change to a hospital ward?” was the question I heard one (unseen) woman ask another. “Oh, he doesn’t like it so well as his own room at home,” was the reply, “there aren’t … Continue reading

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Autumn Morning – October 1923

It had rained, of course, through the night, and morning had not wiped her tears away when the thrush began to sing. There are many birds, notably the blackbird, which are most moved to exuberant song by mild moisture. Not … Continue reading

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To Earth by Cart of Geese – Saturday December 1900

In this morning’s paper there is a map of the Orange River District. It is about time. I have been driven half distracted by the effort to follow the windings and turnings of De Wet, Knox and Co., on maps … Continue reading

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Ducks take a Dive at Market – Thursday December 1900

We were going to drive to market to-day, partly because of those ducks. But through the night, there was a hurricane of a wind and rain and in the morning a waste of waters. The river had not been so … Continue reading

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