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The New Gig Pownie – December 1898

(I would be interested to hear if anyone knows more about this poem and the author) Oor John’s had mony a pownie, Since first he merrit me; He’s had them wadna trot a step, He’s had them that could flee. … Continue reading

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A Gorgeous New Motor Car – Monday July 1904

A rattling hay day.  At a little distance across the river, we see haycocks, although we had not observed that field being cut. We thought we heard the sound of a machine but surely the ground will be too soft … Continue reading

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Rab D’Laps Waddin – June 1909

D’ye min’ iz gaen till Rab D’lap’s waddin’ in feyther’s new gig? Aye. An’ ah tore ma new muslin frock climbin’ in an’ mother ca’ed me —- she had an awful tongue had mother but feyther said he wad shew’t … Continue reading

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