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An Outing with Cattle – June 1920

“Did you know I am going with Ooie tomorrow with a load of young cattle.  Father says it is 16 miles and we will be off before you are out of bed. Aha! ” And the 11-year-old put his head … Continue reading

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Mothers and Daughters – February 1913

“A Grandmother” writes to express appreciation of the few lines I wrote two weeks ago on the subject of the daughter’s critical attitude towards her mother. This is a wide subject, and a deep one, and I could write chapters … Continue reading

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Family on the Hearthrub – September 1912

Every afternoon at five o’clock, there is a pretty group on the hearth rug: a smiling baby, all pink and gold, waves dimpled hands of delighted welcome at the three “schule-weans” who cluster round him, bidding for his favour. “Give … Continue reading

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