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An Outing with Cattle – June 1920

“Did you know I am going with Ooie tomorrow with a load of young cattle.  Father says it is 16 miles and we will be off before you are out of bed. Aha! ” And the 11-year-old put his head … Continue reading

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Hats and Gloves – November 1898

Men often remark that the average woman is not so careful and fastidious about the details of her dress as a man. That same critical man probably has his clothes and his linen attended to by some careful woman. If … Continue reading

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What to Wear to Kirk – June 1911

Coming out of the kirk on a blistering Sunday morning, I nearly knocked down with my hat an old lady who was in earnest conversation with another octogenarian. I apologised for the hat, and was proceeding to ask them how … Continue reading

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Hats at the Concert – April 1911

Last Sunday when I entered the kirk porch and an elder threw open a half door with the flourishing air of giving me generous admittance, my feet hesitated involuntarily.  Would there be room for me to get through? Then my … Continue reading

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