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Work Starts with Lanterns – November 1906

A writer in a local weekly expends some picturesque pity upon the early farm worker. He had been staying with a country friend for the week-end and before starting for an early train looked into the yard to see lanterns … Continue reading

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Beech Leaves the Sweetest Beds – October 1900

The aristocratic hair mattress has some plebeian rivals of equal wholesomeness: the bed of caff, clean peas straw or of beech leaves. When new, these possess one quality unknown to upholsterers — that of fragrance. Country folks need never buy … Continue reading

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Striving for Hay-Making Skills – August 1916

When the two big stacks were completed and the Dutch barn filled, the carts began to make a noise like thunder in the big barn adjoining the house. John say it’s a very ticklish corner into the door of the … Continue reading

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Gooseberries and Raspberries

A fine breezy morning and all free hands to the hayfield! About nine o’clock the sky began to look threatening, and a fog deepened over the south-western horizon, blotting out the sea — now only discernible in the black sail … Continue reading

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Roses, Hay and then the Deluge – Friday August 1903

Today I found some common yarrow of a lovely pink colour — it is usually white — which is worthy of a place in a glass next to our finest garden rose. I have been on the lookout for a … Continue reading

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Greed of Ducks for Juicy Slugs – Wednesday August 1907

We were weighing young ducks this morning in the hopes that there would be another dozen ready for market, for the greed of them is beyond belief if one had no previous experience of growing ducks. And a dirty business … Continue reading

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Wind “Awa Doon In The Jawbox” – July 1917

This time, I was merely carrying a tea-lunch to the hay field, or helping to carry it, for there were two small assistants, “playin’ wi’ yin anither” which was to hold the basket of scone, the jugs of hot tea … Continue reading

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Easiness of Haymarking – July 1917

A war worker, somewhat wearied of the dirt of the turnip field, looked over the hedge at the fragrant hay being tossed into mounds and told me in confidence she thought she could manage that easily. I do not know … Continue reading

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A Gorgeous New Motor Car – Monday July 1904

A rattling hay day.  At a little distance across the river, we see haycocks, although we had not observed that field being cut. We thought we heard the sound of a machine but surely the ground will be too soft … Continue reading

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To Cut or Not ot Cut – Thursday July 1903

There are two fields of hay cut in the parish. That is sure to break the drought. More than a week ago, I heard two worthy farmers discussing the question to cut or not to cut. One said there would … Continue reading

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