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Picking Fruit in Sussex – July 1924

They are telling me that there will be no Household column this week if I do as many boilings of fruit as I am planning for to-day and to-morrow. It is extraordinary how we all ignore the lessons of experience … Continue reading

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How We Made a Haystack – June 1914

On a very hot afternoon I suggested to Winkie (two or three-year-old Willie) that we ought to help father to get that meadow hay stacked, seeing it ws such a heavy crop. So we started bravely up the hill, a … Continue reading

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Striving for Hay-Making Skills – August 1916

When the two big stacks were completed and the Dutch barn filled, the carts began to make a noise like thunder in the big barn adjoining the house. John say it’s a very ticklish corner into the door of the … Continue reading

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Wind “Awa Doon In The Jawbox” – July 1917

This time, I was merely carrying a tea-lunch to the hay field, or helping to carry it, for there were two small assistants, “playin’ wi’ yin anither” which was to hold the basket of scone, the jugs of hot tea … Continue reading

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Easiness of Haymarking – July 1917

A war worker, somewhat wearied of the dirt of the turnip field, looked over the hedge at the fragrant hay being tossed into mounds and told me in confidence she thought she could manage that easily. I do not know … Continue reading

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Our Easier Lot – July 1905

In listening to tales of the youth of our mothers and grandmothers, we are often reminded how much easier has been our lot. We did not have to shear barefooted; we were not asked to rise at five in the … Continue reading

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Ducklings Cry Wee Wee Wee – Monday July 1901

A brood of young ducklings have a naughty habit of wandering in my lady’s garden. They themselves are not very destructive but the same cannot be said of their industrious and affectionate mother. They wriggle through the side garden while … Continue reading

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