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Under the Moon – January 1910

It was Christmas night, and a party of us went out to shut up the hens. There had been a slight thaw, which melted the surface snow and spread a sheet of ice over the roads and the hollows in … Continue reading

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Cock-Chickens to London – Friday 1902

A few days ago, we sent the last of our cock-chickens to London. The hen chickens of that brood — six of them — are all laying fine brown eggs —- one of them lays a double-yoked egg — and … Continue reading

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Photographing a Prize Ram – Novemeber 1918

Photography has been a favourite hobby of mine for some years, and my efforts along that line have usually been successful. Until recently I had never tried my hand at photographing live-stock and, in my ignorance, I thought it would … Continue reading

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Foretelling the Weather – September 1898

This summer, when the weather has changed so often and so suddenly we have had many opportunities of watching in nature the signs of change. Many signs are local or at least vary in degree with locality. A greater or … Continue reading

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Mr Fox “A Woeful Sight” – Wednesday September 1900

Last night, my window being wide open and some hen houses within a child’s stone throw, I heard a determined scratching on the wooden doors. “Aha! Mr Fox,” thought I. “ You may scratch but you’ll not get in.” I … Continue reading

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Marauding Hen and Fox – Monday September 1900

The day is threatening for our “wash.” This is not so serious for us as for some, as we wash every week, and the number of articles is not alarming. There are differences of opinion as to the expediency of … Continue reading

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March 1903 Thursday: The Oorie’t and Cirken’t Hen

Somebody had left the garden gate open last night, and a flock of hens are having a grand time in the shrubbery. They like a change of scenery just as much as we human beings do when our holiday season … Continue reading

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February 1904: Diary Wednesday – Mild Weather for Sale Day

There is a sale to-day not far away, but I see no signs of anyone going from our house. Perhaps money is needed for other things. Although, for that matter, a farmer does not go to a sale because he … Continue reading

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