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Elderly Woman Smoker – September 1924

It was in the stone-flagged hall of the old Tudor House at Wembley that I nearly collided with a young man hastening in the opposite direction to myself with a lighted match in his hand. We both dodged to left … Continue reading

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Baked Gooseberry Pudding – June 1924

Take an ordinary round pudding basin and smear it thickly with a mixture — equal quantities — of butter and demerara sugar, mixed together with the back of a spoon. Line the basin with ordinary short paste (1/2lb flour, 1/4lb … Continue reading

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Smoking Best with a Saucy Nose – May 1900

I have a friend who marches in the vanguard of woman’s progress. When my old fashioned feet lag behind in the miscellaneous rearguard, she reports to me the prospect in front, the habits of the new country we march in … Continue reading

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Silk Underwear and “Puddings” – February 1917

A party of us were discussing the difficulty of restricting our expenditure and so finding more for the War Loan when one said, “I don’t think it is people like us who can be expected to do much but there’s … Continue reading

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Women in Bereavement – February 1912

After bereavement, men may go about their business but women may not. Very often the sense of loss and the grief has nothing to do with it. “She is indulging in the dignity of not going out.” It is a … Continue reading

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Piano for Company – February 1910

There is one use to which a piano is frequently devoted which I jealously resent, and that is being kept for an entertainer of company. “It is so useful when we have people or when somebody comes in,” is a … Continue reading

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Narrow Minded Country Folk – February 1905

In a small company of people, chiefly of the professional class, a discussion arose as to whether the daughters of the well-to-do ought or ought not to “go out” — ie., to adopt some independent career. Some were of neutral … Continue reading

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Farming with Refinement – January 1910

(And it goes on) The letter of “Another Farmer’s Wife” in your last issue is highly amusing. After giving an impressive description of the vastness of her native farm, etc., she says “but possibly Gretchen considers even that experience confined … Continue reading

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Digusting Description – January 1910

(The previous post obviously caused controversy) Letter to the editor. Sir, May I be permitted to enter a protest against “Gretchen’s” paragraph on killing turkeys in your issue of 1st January. Although born and brought up on a farm I … Continue reading

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Mysterious Presence at Hogmanay – January 1903

So far back go the origins of Hogmanay that etymologists can only guess at the meaning of the word. Here, however, is one etymology which may serve as an instance: Au gui menez, meaning in French, lead to the mistletoe, … Continue reading

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