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Thinking of the Mistress – February 1817

Mrs Catherine Blair says that I argue on the assumption that all mistresses are able and willing to supervise — a false assumption.” Now, I never suggested that the mistress should have personal supervision of the whole conduct of her … Continue reading

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Shall We Let Him Poke the Fire – February 1901

After the manner of every good workman, the housewife does not like anyone to meddle with her building of a fire. She has a method of her own which is not exactly that of any other person. It is in … Continue reading

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Things a Girl Should Learn – January 1898

There are three things not much taught in schools that every domestic girl would be wise to learn. The first is physiology, ie., elementary knowledge of the structure of the human body, of its organs and their functions. The next … Continue reading

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House Proud – March 1906

When we talk of a woman being “house-proud” we do not mean that she is a good wife, a good housewife, or that her house is well appointed, but that the material contents of her house are an object of … Continue reading

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Life of a Farmers Wife

(This first appeared in December 1893, for most part I’ll try and post in a month the original article appeared, but in this case as it is the first one, I’ll make an exception) The wife of a tradesman or … Continue reading

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