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In a Train with Funeral Party – February 1924

I walked almost the whole length of a long train before I came to a third-class compartment that was not marked “Smoking.” There was a woman already seated in it, and she remarked as I sat down, “Although it isn’t … Continue reading

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The Storm – November 1911

“Wiz ye no et the kirk on Sunday?” “Na! We wur thrang tying fifty-sixes on the stacks. “Ah hocht they wad hae been blawn ower afore we got et them.” “It wad be a toom kirk, and the day afore … Continue reading

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Harvest Vernacular – September 1912

“The kirk wiz awfu’ thin the day.” “Ay! Wiz’t no? Bit kintry folk wad be a’ that wearit. Ah nivver miss the kirk or ah could ha’ gane tae ma bed fine, so ah could.” “Are ye by wi’ yer … Continue reading

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Keeping the Sawbath Day Holy – August 1901

Well do I remember in the days of my childhood staying in an Ayrshire farm house. We had been to the kirk in the forenoon and when the kye were milked and turned out we “walkit oot tae view the … Continue reading

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What to Wear to Kirk – June 1911

Coming out of the kirk on a blistering Sunday morning, I nearly knocked down with my hat an old lady who was in earnest conversation with another octogenarian. I apologised for the hat, and was proceeding to ask them how … Continue reading

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Hats at the Concert – April 1911

Last Sunday when I entered the kirk porch and an elder threw open a half door with the flourishing air of giving me generous admittance, my feet hesitated involuntarily.  Would there be room for me to get through? Then my … Continue reading

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