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Your Mooth’s No’ Made That W’y – May 1913

“Whit are ye gaun’ tae write aboot this week?” was the rather startling question a farmer asked as he shook hands with me for the first time: “Ah wiz readin’t afore ah cam awa’. Mony a time ah wunner ‘at … Continue reading

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The Lea Rig Again – April 1921

“Anglo-Scot” may again ask, “Why all this pother about the lea-rig?” The answer is simple. A reader some weeks ago wrote to the effect that he and others had engaged in discussion on the exact meaning of the term, could … Continue reading

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Overheard – October 1812

“He hizna mony cairtfu’ in thae stacks; seeven or aicht cairts ye wad think, an’ it’s tappit.” “Wantin’ tae get thirty stacks, I’se warrant ye. But it’s awfu rauchly stuff the ‘ear. Ye sune rapple up a stack. Ah nivver … Continue reading

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Harvest Vernacular – September 1912

“The kirk wiz awfu’ thin the day.” “Ay! Wiz’t no? Bit kintry folk wad be a’ that wearit. Ah nivver miss the kirk or ah could ha’ gane tae ma bed fine, so ah could.” “Are ye by wi’ yer … Continue reading

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Our Soldiers No Better – February 1915

(Something slightly different over the next few days some of the war columns that Margaret wrote. Followed up by an analysis (done by my daughter for her A level English Language course work) of  her use of language) A very … Continue reading

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Thrawing the Knock – May 1905

The other day we were cleaning out some rubbish from the attic when I came across a curious crooked handle with a hook attached at one end of it. Thinking it might belong to some farm machinery, I asked if … Continue reading

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Talk with an Old Gentleman – May 1901

One fine May morning that I happened to be at the sea coast, I met an old gentleman, white-haired, bronze of countenance, clear-eyed, with that radiant look of enjoyment that comes to content and virtuous old age. After we had … Continue reading

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