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Need to use Duller Ink – February 1910

I must acknowledge the kindness of my two unknown champions who were moved to protest in defence of “poor Gretchen.” Gretchen, however, is perfectly able to hold her own against a whole army of indignant farmers’ wives suffering from a … Continue reading

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In Defence of Poor Gretchen – January 1910

(This the final letter on the controversy surrounding Killing the Turkeys, however Margaret doesn’t let it drop and mentions it twice more in her next two columns.) Letter to the Editor: Sir, I am sorry to see more farmers’ wives … Continue reading

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Farming with Refinement – January 1910

(And it goes on) The letter of “Another Farmer’s Wife” in your last issue is highly amusing. After giving an impressive description of the vastness of her native farm, etc., she says “but possibly Gretchen considers even that experience confined … Continue reading

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Digusting Description – January 1910

(The previous post obviously caused controversy) Letter to the editor. Sir, May I be permitted to enter a protest against “Gretchen’s” paragraph on killing turkeys in your issue of 1st January. Although born and brought up on a farm I … Continue reading

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No Predecessor to Gretchen – August 1913

A reader writes to ask the Editor if he does not think all farmers’ wives are as sick of the household articles about the children as she is. The answer to that is quite simple. The Editor does not know … Continue reading

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Women with Sons at the Front – January 1915

At first we were eager to hear all about the new military life but we can have too much even of that and I confess my heart sinks when I hear a woman begin about the last letter she received … Continue reading

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Letters to Editor On Sowens – April 1905

Sir, I was much interested in Gretchen’s remarks about sowens in last week’s issue but was surprised that she was not familiar with their composition, seeing that she is so well acquainted generally with the customs and practices which were … Continue reading

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Darning and Love Letters – March 1901

If the final verdict upon these “letters” has been passed by the English-speaking inhabitants of three continents, why ask the opinion of an obscure Scotch woman who has most emphatically declared that she had neither the equipment, nor faculty for … Continue reading

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It Must have been a Man – March 1901

(Extract from letter to The Scottish Farmer from “Cosmos”)…….. March. Only a few days ago, but before Gretchen’s remarks or even promise of remarks, appeared in print, I was talking with another English woman about the book and we both … Continue reading

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“Englishman” Replies to gretchen Review – March 1901

(A letter to The Scottish Farmer). March. I beg to thank Gretchen for all courtesy, devoting her valuable time and experience to “An English Woman’s Love Letters.” As the book has won such very general acceptance over all the English-speaking … Continue reading

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