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Honour of Accompanying – March 1911

The day I was visiting some friends and leaving in the mid forenoon I had to make my farewells to the master of the house after breakfast. “Let me see,” he said. “I have to go to Glasgow by such … Continue reading

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He Was Puting it Nicely – December 1911

To be born and bred in a pure and high-minded home is not without its disadvantages in later life. For the outer world is not a community of refined human beings: far from it. In particular, the woman who has … Continue reading

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Womens Twaddle – November 1909

One day I was expatiating to a company of women friends upon a characteristic of a certain male acquaintance of ours — a married man — who always sneaked out of the way when there were any women about and … Continue reading

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Male Autocrat – June 1913

It is the Saturday evening meal, and after some rough banter and sparring between the servants, the voice of a young ploughman is heard in imperious command, “Awa’ an’ brush ma buits!” We pause breathless. Will she answer him in … Continue reading

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