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Buses Bring to the Village – June 1923

Oh, the ‘bus, the ‘bus! We had been complaining that our particular rural district was so much on the way to nowhere — that it would never pay to run a daily ‘bus service. And we ourselves grumbled that the … Continue reading

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Always a Bustling Morning – Thursday Sepetember 1900

Market — and literature –day. Always a bustling morning, although not so bad as in the depth of winter, when there is so much to be done before daylight. Whether we drive or go by train — we are fortunately … Continue reading

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An Encounter – June 1914

It was market day, and our (railway train) compartment was filled with women and baskets, when at the last moment an old farmer scrambled in and squeezed himself into the nearest corner. Some of the women were known to him, … Continue reading

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