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“Mere” Men and New Institutes – June 1917

Somebody writing in last Saturday’s issue under “Current Topics” spoke of attending the women’s meeting in Edinburgh in order to learn as “a mere man … his true position of subordination” … “now that it is settled that women are … Continue reading

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Beware the Smooth Man – January 1901

An unknown reader is afraid that I be uplifted by the anonymous admiration of one man and sends me the following warning : Youth unadmonished by a guide Will trust to any fair outside An error soon corrected For who … Continue reading

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He Was Puting it Nicely – December 1911

To be born and bred in a pure and high-minded home is not without its disadvantages in later life. For the outer world is not a community of refined human beings: far from it. In particular, the woman who has … Continue reading

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Animate Piece of Furniture – October 1897

Among great men we have many examples of a close, strong and lifelong friendship between brother and sister, such as Charles and Mary Lamb, William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Renan (French philologist) and his sister, William and Caroline Herschell  he, the … Continue reading

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Working to Catch a Man – September 1910

While listing to a harangue upon the tiresome delinquencies of a servant girl — for there was nothing really very bad complained of — I could not help wondering why experienced mistresses continue to cherish such a high standard of … Continue reading

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Men, Women, and Newspapers – August 1899

There is something wrong with the man who does not enjoy his daily newspaper. He may not be fond of reading in the true sense of the word. He may have no intellectual taste and few interests outside his business … Continue reading

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Male Autocrat – June 1913

It is the Saturday evening meal, and after some rough banter and sparring between the servants, the voice of a young ploughman is heard in imperious command, “Awa’ an’ brush ma buits!” We pause breathless. Will she answer him in … Continue reading

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