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Not Such an Easy Time – Friday October 1907

Our girls are told to hurry up with their usual work, as they will probably both be wanted outside in the afternoon; but alas! they couldn’t apparently “go past their step.” The only time they move alertly is when they … Continue reading

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To the Byre over Humplocks – September 1924

It was the early afternoon milking hour on a Sunday when one may take a daun’er round the buildings with an easy conscience, and I thought I should like to have a peep at Princess — a 1000 gallon cow … Continue reading

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The Goats – May 1924

On the outskirts of the village, I saw a light lorry drawn by a lean horse and attended by two youths and a girl, all in their late teens, although the eldest might have been over 20. One was at … Continue reading

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Children in the Byre – February 1918

Willie comes down in the dark mornings, hardly waits to swallow his porridge before he runs away in the direction of the byres, calling the name of his big brother. “Ooie. Ooie. Where are you? Are you in t’low byre … Continue reading

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Show Vessel Ayrshire Cows – November 1914

Mr Crawford’s remarks on the “show vessel” of the Ayrshire cow brings to my mind poignant memories of my girlhood. We started with an Ayrshire herd in Cumberland because my mother was of opinion that there was no cow to … Continue reading

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“Put to it” by Absence of Workers – November 1900

It is the custom in this part of the country for all country servants, hired by the half year and living in the house to take a week’s holidays at Whitsuntide and Martinmas. The very shortest period they will consent … Continue reading

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Ducklings Cry Wee Wee Wee – Monday July 1901

A brood of young ducklings have a naughty habit of wandering in my lady’s garden. They themselves are not very destructive but the same cannot be said of their industrious and affectionate mother. They wriggle through the side garden while … Continue reading

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Curing a Boy of Mischief – June 1895

I should like a recipe to kill or cure a boy of mischief. We have taken one on to milk the cow and tend the pony. He immediately sticks a finger in a sawmill and gets crushed and has done … Continue reading

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