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T. L. Peacock’s Views on Burns – January 1924

In a passage in T.L. Peacock’s Gryll Grange he exalts Robert Burns as the “faithful interpreter of nature.” No poet, he says is “truer to nature than Burns” and no one less so than Moore. Again, “Shakespeare never makes a … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Colouring – January 1922

Many a winter’s day gives us glimpses often unexpected — of rich colouring that are all the more attractive because there is no hint in them of summer or spring or autumn. When the recent heavy rainclouds broke and scattered … Continue reading

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The Bonny Ivy Tree – October 1921

There is in a very sheltered corner of a little lane in Essex that I came upon two very tall specimens of the “Ivy” tree. Owing to their position I could not make out the character of the original trunk … Continue reading

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Autumn Berries – October 1921

There is this year a great abundance of autumn berries dying the hedgeways crimson.  There was very little hawthorn blossom in the north but the haws are conspicuous —- even abundant — in the south . There is the deepest … Continue reading

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Nature Notes – May 1921

Everything is remarkably early and of trees only the ash is not in full leaf. There is very little May blossom, only a scanty spray here and there, but it is fully opened and by June 1, it will be … Continue reading

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Bullying Birds of the Field – March 1924

On the field in front a flock of starlings are feeding when a number of peewits descend and appear to drive them off. The beautiful peewits in perfect nuptial plumage, look most forlorn with their crested heads sunk on to … Continue reading

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Sparrows Cheerfulness – February 1901

In the falling snow this morning I heard little songs. One was that of hedge sparrows. It is not what you would call song music. It betokens more an everyday cheerfulness. “Hurry up! Hurry up! it’s very jolly out here.” … Continue reading

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Beauty of the Fields – December 1923

There is no stage in the year-long process of field cultivation that has not its own peculiar beauty; and interest to the eye, even of those ignorant of farming. This struck me forcibly the other day when a townsman exclaimed … Continue reading

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Beech-Mast – November 1922

The beech trees this autumn are a wonderful sight. On some of them the nuts or masts are almost as plentiful as the leaves and on a cursory glance the tree thereby loses some of its slender grace and assumes … Continue reading

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The Trees in Fog – November 1922

At a little distance, a hundred yards away, the trees were grey and shadowy clumps, muffled in white fog. “The colour of them will not show up to-day was my inward reflection, thinking of the bronze of the beech and … Continue reading

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