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T. L. Peacock’s Views on Burns – January 1924

In a passage in T.L. Peacock’s Gryll Grange he exalts Robert Burns as the “faithful interpreter of nature.” No poet, he says is “truer to nature than Burns” and no one less so than Moore. Again, “Shakespeare never makes a … Continue reading

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Poet of Domestic Affection – January 1901

Longfellow is, par excellence, the poet to learn off by heart. He has so many pieces temptingly short, perfect in form, that go singing through the brain as one reads them, that you will not be able to forget them … Continue reading

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Beware the Smooth Man – January 1901

An unknown reader is afraid that I be uplifted by the anonymous admiration of one man and sends me the following warning : Youth unadmonished by a guide Will trust to any fair outside An error soon corrected For who … Continue reading

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Tae Crticise the Crud – December 1895

“The world is too much with us late and soon; Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Those of a generation ago do not quite appreciate our modern custom of each taking a few days’ or a few … Continue reading

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Pat – June 1906

(I have no idea about the history of this poem. Google throws up nothing, so if anybody out there knows something about it, I would be intrigued to hear) When the blue bells are ringing, and rowans are red, And … Continue reading

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