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Discussion Between the Sexes – July 1920

(Nancy Astor was the first female MP in the British Parliament, elected in 1919. This is an interesting perspective from Margaret) Among men, it is a common criticism of our first lady MP that she has “chipped in” too much. … Continue reading

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Distrust Between Rich and Poor – June 1917

Among the general public there are ominous signs that the present abnormal conditions are creating poisonous distrust between rich and poor. We hear its echoes in the House of Commons and in the daily press. Everybody who is in an … Continue reading

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Women as Police – April 1914

In some of the cities of the United States, a special department for police work by women has worked very successfully, and Liverpool has recently led the way in this country by appointing a woman as police inspector, to take … Continue reading

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Child in their Midst – February 1919

(I’m no historian so am not sure what strikes Margaret will be referring to here. However a quick check on Google suggests that this column was published shortly after the Battle of George Square , in Glasgow, in which strikers … Continue reading

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Unrest and Pleasure Seeking – February 1919

History tells us that while Rome was burning, Nero played: while the underworld of France was rising in revolt, Queen Marie Antoinette and her court were amusing themselves with expensive and trivial theatrical entertainments. We have not advanced sufficiently in … Continue reading

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Workers Tea Breaks – December 1900

In one of our weeklies, I noticed a complaint that in the eastern mainland counties of Scotland, the ploughman and labourers pause at mid forenoon and mid afternoon to refresh themselves with tea and bread which is carried to them … Continue reading

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“Put to it” by Absence of Workers – November 1900

It is the custom in this part of the country for all country servants, hired by the half year and living in the house to take a week’s holidays at Whitsuntide and Martinmas. The very shortest period they will consent … Continue reading

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Who has met a “New Woman?” – September 1899

The Raider publicly and graciously approves of Gretchen’s opinions and sentiments and she in turn pays him her acknowledgments. In the same breath, he proceeds to make a rash and emphatic statement which is like to disturb this beautiful harmony … Continue reading

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Servants and Lack of Modesty – August 1897

Some people are fond of saying that the lower working classes are over-educated now and that is the reason that good servants are more difficult to get than formerly. That is a dark saying to me for we have never … Continue reading

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Boot Lace Sellers – August 1909

(Margaret shows herself to be quite hard woman here. Considering her obvious political leanings I am quite surprised by her lack of compassion. ) Political knowledge is spreading downwards so that now the very hawkers and tramps have it at … Continue reading

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