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Suicide at 14 – February 1923

Most of us have been discussing the poignant tragedy of the suicide of a boy of 14 at a public school in the South of England where he was taken to task and kicked by two bigger boys because of … Continue reading

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Pleasure from Children – July 1918

One gets a great deal of pleasure in life from the mere sight of children; passing them in the street, meeting them in a railway carriage, or getting casual glimpses of them anywhere or under any circumstances. Poor or rich, … Continue reading

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My Child Without Consent – May 1923

A boy of nine was brought with his parents before the magistrates for a persistent truancy. He had been admonished , punished at school and, whipped at home but nothing would deter him from playing truant once or twice every … Continue reading

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Boys Needed for (Intellectual) Stimulation – December 1906

(In our less innocent age I have added “Intellectual”) During the past week, the papers have had something to say about schools in which boys and girls are educated together. Is the tendency towards co-education a good thing or bad? … Continue reading

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Children of the Poor – November 1919

A teacher in a slum school told me that the children of the very poor are awkward at doing things for themselves. One would think that, as they had no one to wait upon them, they would from earliest infancy … Continue reading

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The Tarbolton School Master – November 1901

The parish school master in the village of Tarbolton 50 or 60 years ago is a person of whom a few dim features only have descended to me; but all my life his sayings, and his advice have been so … Continue reading

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Back-Boards and Gymnastics – July 1899

I heard an amusing story the other day about a boarding school girl home for the holidays. You know it is now the fashion to have a gymnasium instead of a back board for growing girls. This miss was seen … Continue reading

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Don’t Hurt the Flowers – June 1902

There is much talk nowadays of teaching children in country schools rural subjects and a love of Nature. There is one that has been very thoroughly taught, and that is to gather bunches of flowers. The female teachers — in … Continue reading

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Education – May 1899

Fifty or sixty years ago, in a top Scottish country school only one boy learned geography. None studied grammar. A few girls learned the multiplication tables and were instructed in the mysteries of adding and subtraction, at which their fathers … Continue reading

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