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Under the Moon – January 1910

It was Christmas night, and a party of us went out to shut up the hens. There had been a slight thaw, which melted the surface snow and spread a sheet of ice over the roads and the hollows in … Continue reading

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Crooning Over Burns – December 1900

It may seem odd to be suggesting to a circle of Scotch farming folks that they should familiarise their minds with the poems of Burns but the suggestion is not out of place to the younger generation who are mostly … Continue reading

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Tae Crticise the Crud – December 1895

“The world is too much with us late and soon; Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Those of a generation ago do not quite appreciate our modern custom of each taking a few days’ or a few … Continue reading

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How Do You Like Gretchen – October 1900

How do you like “Gretchen?” Not the person, but the name. I don’t like it myself at all. How I came to adopt it, I do not remember. It must have been some wretched schoolgirlish German sentiment which I have … Continue reading

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An Encounter – June 1914

It was market day, and our (railway train) compartment was filled with women and baskets, when at the last moment an old farmer scrambled in and squeezed himself into the nearest corner. Some of the women were known to him, … Continue reading

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Tuesday – Maid and Silent Milking Machine – June 1903

The butter is beautifully stiff this morning; the cream in the pots stood at 52 1/2 deg., the dairy itself at 53 to 54 degrees. Customers are sending for pots to get filled for winter while the price is low. … Continue reading

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Talk with an Old Gentleman – May 1901

One fine May morning that I happened to be at the sea coast, I met an old gentleman, white-haired, bronze of countenance, clear-eyed, with that radiant look of enjoyment that comes to content and virtuous old age. After we had … Continue reading

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Girl and the Scrubbing Brush – April 1907

The Scotch lass never goes on her knees to the task of washing a flagged floor. (We are picturing a farm kitchen, dairy, boiler-house, etc., in my part of Scotland) She takes a sack, or half a sack, dips it … Continue reading

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February 1904: Family Conversation

An Englishwoman said to me one day “You Scotch people have more family conversation than we do; now I never had a talk with one of my brothers in my life. We are friendly enough but we have nothing to … Continue reading

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