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Romance of the Palate – Monday October 1907

Been very wet over the week-end and all hands about the steading. Why shouldn’t I run across the Border and see the crops there? While around us the fields are almost all cleared, there are many full fields on the … Continue reading

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Inauguration of W.I. Meeting – June 1917

The Goold Hall, 5 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, was packed on Wednesday afternoon when a conference to inaugurate Women’s Rural Institutes in Scotland was presided over by Sir Robert P. Wright of the Board of Agriculture. The work of organisation … Continue reading

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Nothing Degrading in Beds of “Caff” – February 1902

Whether it is in revolt against his own sentimentality or in protest against the proverbial national conceit of the Scot, or to win greater applause in the land of his adoption, certain it is that Ian MacLaren occasionally shows up … Continue reading

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Communal Porridge – January 1909

In an English daily newspaper recently I read of a young man who had given up a situation on a Morayshire farm because his employer expected him to take porridge and milk out of a large basin from which several … Continue reading

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Mysterious Presence at Hogmanay – January 1903

So far back go the origins of Hogmanay that etymologists can only guess at the meaning of the word. Here, however, is one etymology which may serve as an instance: Au gui menez, meaning in French, lead to the mistletoe, … Continue reading

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The “Whummlet’t” Chicken – Monday December 1902

One of our laying chickens shows unmistakeable symptoms of a desire to sit, and we have had to”whummle’t.” We discover that, owing to a succession of petty circumstances, we are out of all varieties of biscuits, cakes, buns etc, and … Continue reading

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Harvest Vernacular – September 1912

“The kirk wiz awfu’ thin the day.” “Ay! Wiz’t no? Bit kintry folk wad be a’ that wearit. Ah nivver miss the kirk or ah could ha’ gane tae ma bed fine, so ah could.” “Are ye by wi’ yer … Continue reading

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Ony Word O’Man? – Septeber 1909

One of the most primitive forms of the joke is teasing — a little innocent fun at the expense of another. The small boy discovers it by instinct and thoroughly enjoys himself in making his little sister cry. In later … Continue reading

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An Encounter – June 1914

It was market day, and our (railway train) compartment was filled with women and baskets, when at the last moment an old farmer scrambled in and squeezed himself into the nearest corner. Some of the women were known to him, … Continue reading

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Burns – Worst Farmer – May 1896

Burns stands in the peculiar relation to the class from which he sprang in that he is at once its crowning glory and its deepest shame; for while he sang of the peasant’s life so that half of the world … Continue reading

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