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Your Mooth’s No’ Made That W’y – May 1913

“Whit are ye gaun’ tae write aboot this week?” was the rather startling question a farmer asked as he shook hands with me for the first time: “Ah wiz readin’t afore ah cam awa’. Mony a time ah wunner ‘at … Continue reading

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The Lea Rig Again – April 1921

“Anglo-Scot” may again ask, “Why all this pother about the lea-rig?” The answer is simple. A reader some weeks ago wrote to the effect that he and others had engaged in discussion on the exact meaning of the term, could … Continue reading

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Hughoc, Davoc and Peggoc – January 1901

If the suffix oc (not necessarily a diminutive) be peculiar to Burns and Ayrshire then its significance cannot be perfectly appreciated outside that county. It is familiar, humorous, tender, sometimes irate. The mother speaks of “oor Hughoc” when she is … Continue reading

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The New Gig Pownie – December 1898

(I would be interested to hear if anyone knows more about this poem and the author) Oor John’s had mony a pownie, Since first he merrit me; He’s had them wadna trot a step, He’s had them that could flee. … Continue reading

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The Storm – November 1911

“Wiz ye no et the kirk on Sunday?” “Na! We wur thrang tying fifty-sixes on the stacks. “Ah hocht they wad hae been blawn ower afore we got et them.” “It wad be a toom kirk, and the day afore … Continue reading

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Harvest Vernacular – September 1912

“The kirk wiz awfu’ thin the day.” “Ay! Wiz’t no? Bit kintry folk wad be a’ that wearit. Ah nivver miss the kirk or ah could ha’ gane tae ma bed fine, so ah could.” “Are ye by wi’ yer … Continue reading

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The Parritch Luggie – September 1907

An article in Country Life last week recalled to my mind the wooden bowls I have seen used in farm kitchens in my childhood. There was the meal-bowl placed on the wide hob every morning and evening, from which the … Continue reading

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Rab D’Laps Waddin – June 1909

D’ye min’ iz gaen till Rab D’lap’s waddin’ in feyther’s new gig? Aye. An’ ah tore ma new muslin frock climbin’ in an’ mother ca’ed me —- she had an awful tongue had mother but feyther said he wad shew’t … Continue reading

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