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Potatoes a La Hotel Cecil – January 1925

There can be no question that in the labourer’s cottage and in the Scottish farm kitchen the potato is cooked, served and eaten with a relish unknown to the Hotel Cecil. A maid of ours drifted into a big London … Continue reading

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Scott and Burns – January 1921

It is the burning patriotism, the family loyalty and the pride of race which endear Burns and Scott to us. In especial, the soul of Burns was steeped through and through with Scottish sentiment. On the surface, the great ambition … Continue reading

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Your Mooth’s No’ Made That W’y – May 1913

“Whit are ye gaun’ tae write aboot this week?” was the rather startling question a farmer asked as he shook hands with me for the first time: “Ah wiz readin’t afore ah cam awa’. Mony a time ah wunner ‘at … Continue reading

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How I Became a Writer – March 1919

As unkind circumstances forbade my attendance at Wednesday evening’s function when members of the agricultural world met to do honour to Mr MacNeilage as Agricultural Editor and Secretary of the Clydesdale Horse Society, perhaps I may be allowed here to … Continue reading

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Hughoc, Davoc and Peggoc – January 1901

If the suffix oc (not necessarily a diminutive) be peculiar to Burns and Ayrshire then its significance cannot be perfectly appreciated outside that county. It is familiar, humorous, tender, sometimes irate. The mother speaks of “oor Hughoc” when she is … Continue reading

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The New Gig Pownie – December 1898

(I would be interested to hear if anyone knows more about this poem and the author) Oor John’s had mony a pownie, Since first he merrit me; He’s had them wadna trot a step, He’s had them that could flee. … Continue reading

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Tae Crticise the Crud – December 1895

“The world is too much with us late and soon; Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Those of a generation ago do not quite appreciate our modern custom of each taking a few days’ or a few … Continue reading

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The Storm – November 1911

“Wiz ye no et the kirk on Sunday?” “Na! We wur thrang tying fifty-sixes on the stacks. “Ah hocht they wad hae been blawn ower afore we got et them.” “It wad be a toom kirk, and the day afore … Continue reading

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The Tarbolton School Master – November 1901

The parish school master in the village of Tarbolton 50 or 60 years ago is a person of whom a few dim features only have descended to me; but all my life his sayings, and his advice have been so … Continue reading

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Overheard – October 1812

“He hizna mony cairtfu’ in thae stacks; seeven or aicht cairts ye wad think, an’ it’s tappit.” “Wantin’ tae get thirty stacks, I’se warrant ye. But it’s awfu rauchly stuff the ‘ear. Ye sune rapple up a stack. Ah nivver … Continue reading

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