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Your Mooth’s No’ Made That W’y – May 1913

“Whit are ye gaun’ tae write aboot this week?” was the rather startling question a farmer asked as he shook hands with me for the first time: “Ah wiz readin’t afore ah cam awa’. Mony a time ah wunner ‘at … Continue reading

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The Lea Rig Again – April 1921

“Anglo-Scot” may again ask, “Why all this pother about the lea-rig?” The answer is simple. A reader some weeks ago wrote to the effect that he and others had engaged in discussion on the exact meaning of the term, could … Continue reading

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Homelines of a Living Room – February 1919

I am going to describe the living room in a workman’s cottage I was privileged to enter. From the back-door, first one entered the scullery, where there was a porcelain sink, a bath, a gas stove and a gas-plate for … Continue reading

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The Storm – November 1911

“Wiz ye no et the kirk on Sunday?” “Na! We wur thrang tying fifty-sixes on the stacks. “Ah hocht they wad hae been blawn ower afore we got et them.” “It wad be a toom kirk, and the day afore … Continue reading

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Overheard – October 1812

“He hizna mony cairtfu’ in thae stacks; seeven or aicht cairts ye wad think, an’ it’s tappit.” “Wantin’ tae get thirty stacks, I’se warrant ye. But it’s awfu rauchly stuff the ‘ear. Ye sune rapple up a stack. Ah nivver … Continue reading

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Girl and the Scrubbing Brush – April 1907

The Scotch lass never goes on her knees to the task of washing a flagged floor. (We are picturing a farm kitchen, dairy, boiler-house, etc., in my part of Scotland) She takes a sack, or half a sack, dips it … Continue reading

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An Introduction

(This is the Introduction to the book as written by Angus Mcdonald, I think it is a suitable first post) Margaret Shanks lay in her bed in the ward at Whitehaven Hospital,  Cumberland.  A friend was with her and they … Continue reading

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