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A Happy Master on Term Saturday – May 1913

It is almost too good to believe that we are actually having a dry, warm, sunshiny day after weeks of persistent wet. It makes such a tremendous difference to have good weather when we have no servants — but the … Continue reading

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“Out” Girls and “In” Girls – March 1917

The employer who said that the “conditions of farm service in Cumberland farmhouses are so degrading that no respectable girl will enter them” is not telling the truth and he knows it. I should very much like to face that … Continue reading

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Thinking of the Mistress – February 1817

Mrs Catherine Blair says that I argue on the assumption that all mistresses are able and willing to supervise — a false assumption.” Now, I never suggested that the mistress should have personal supervision of the whole conduct of her … Continue reading

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Such a Day of Bustle – Tuesday January 1902

To-day there is so much to do, so little time to write — churning; clothes to fold and put away; a few things to be ironed; articles to be mended, sorted out; baking bread; mincing suet; customers for milk and … Continue reading

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Getting an Umbrella Repaired – Thusday January 1902

As we are able at present to sell all the butter and eggs in the house, it is not necessary for one of us to go to market. This convenience has its little inconveniences for we used to get our … Continue reading

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Problems of Reading Servants – July 1903

Many old fashioned people are convinced that servants are not so trustworthy and do not work so diligently since education has become general among the lower classes. Perhaps one hears more of this talk in England where national education is … Continue reading

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Conversing with Servants – July 1903

In modest households, where only one or two maid-servants are kept, and where the mistress comes necessarily much into contact with them, it is sometimes a difficult matter to have just the right kind of talk with them; to avoid … Continue reading

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Servants Hours – June 1913

Domestic servants cannot complain of their wages, but I have always felt that they have a just grievance in the long hours of labour and the curtailment of their freedom. Probably none of us will live to see it, but … Continue reading

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Male Autocrat – June 1913

It is the Saturday evening meal, and after some rough banter and sparring between the servants, the voice of a young ploughman is heard in imperious command, “Awa’ an’ brush ma buits!” We pause breathless. Will she answer him in … Continue reading

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Curing a Boy of Mischief – June 1895

I should like a recipe to kill or cure a boy of mischief. We have taken one on to milk the cow and tend the pony. He immediately sticks a finger in a sawmill and gets crushed and has done … Continue reading

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