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Sleeping out of Doors – October 1919

Some weeks ago I told you how the little boys took me into a hut attached to a cattle shelter and told me what a lovely place it would be to sleep in with perhaps a young rabbit popping up … Continue reading

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Cold Feet – January 1899

One hears stalwart young men and buxom women, full of warm and healthy blood, complain — when they are betrayed into familiar conversation — that they “could not sleep for ever so long last night with cold feet.” How is … Continue reading

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Quickly Comes Bed Time – Friday December 1900

Dirty windows and god daughter’s birthday: The windows are obscured by the fog and dirty rain and they ought to be all washed at once. But who has time to do it? I take those most easily reached and most … Continue reading

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Undarkened Bedrooms – June 1906

It is asserted by some that a darkened chamber is necessary to sound sleep. I have heard women declare that they could not lie at night with the blind undrawn, and I know one who must have a second blind … Continue reading

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