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Servants and Lack of Modesty – August 1897

Some people are fond of saying that the lower working classes are over-educated now and that is the reason that good servants are more difficult to get than formerly. That is a dark saying to me for we have never … Continue reading

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Servants Hours – June 1913

Domestic servants cannot complain of their wages, but I have always felt that they have a just grievance in the long hours of labour and the curtailment of their freedom. Probably none of us will live to see it, but … Continue reading

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Women with Sons at the Front – January 1915

At first we were eager to hear all about the new military life but we can have too much even of that and I confess my heart sinks when I hear a woman begin about the last letter she received … Continue reading

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Isolation from Mysterious Parents – April 1902

Loneliness begins in childhood. Unless parents have a vivid recollection of the thoughts and emotions of their own early years, they hardly realise the gulf that separates them from their own children. The child, fed, washed, clothed, taught, and caressed … Continue reading

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