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Not an Amiable and Yielding Family – Friday September 1900

Churning, washing and marketing days are over. The tension relaxes a little for the rest of the week. We may be just as busy but our labour is more the elective kind and not so urgent. These fine September days … Continue reading

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Catching Big Pink Bird – July 1913

Dear Hugh, I so sum people taken in haaa on Sunday because it is going to rane.  Did you chtach any of the corws tt wr stealing father’s turnips. I nele chatch a black bird every morning eatin auntie’s strawbers. … Continue reading

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Thursday – Promise of Strawberry Netting – July 1901

Our strawberry nets were in fragmentary condition. Therefore, it was with pleasure, we read an advertisement to the effect that “well-oiled and dressed, small-meshed nets” could be procured any length and width for the modest sum of one shilling for … Continue reading

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Saturday – Withering Winds – June 1903

The dry, withering winds continue. Some young ash trees growing in a rocky declivity behind the house are drooping their leaves. One looks almost dead, and others are very woebegone. Our strawberry bed is a melancholy sight; half of the … Continue reading

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