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Nursing Babies on a Train – June 1922

I was searching for a corner seat on the train next the corridor and many of these were labelled engaged and otherwise occupied. In one compartment I found a young mother nursing a baby while another child lay asleep on … Continue reading

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How We Made a Haystack – June 1914

On a very hot afternoon I suggested to Winkie (two or three-year-old Willie) that we ought to help father to get that meadow hay stacked, seeing it ws such a heavy crop. So we started bravely up the hill, a … Continue reading

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Morning of Disturbances – Monday October 1900

I am not needed at the wash to-day, and bring my writing materials into the kitchen, where I may scribble my diary and watch the oven at the same time. It is seldom at any time that I can write … Continue reading

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Tea Tastes Better in the Kitchen – Tuesday September 1902

Oh cousin! Oh auntie! May we have tea in the kitchen? It is so much nicer there. Why do we sit in this dull room. So, to please the townie children, we have tea spread on the kitchen table, warmed … Continue reading

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What is the best “Slokener”? – August 1921

It is not necessarily what is most agreeable to the palate at the moment that quenches thirst most satisfactorily. Something which has a sharp taste upon the tongue may excite the flow of saliva for a minute or two; but … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Manners – July 1912

If little boys are to develop into good farmers, they must begin the study of crops and cattle before they enter their teens. Likewise, if they are to have the manners of gentlemen, it is good for them to have … Continue reading

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