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Christmass Happiness Fades – December 1905

The real happiness of Christmas for children lies in the anticipation. The dusk of early morning to eager young eyes is full of fairy possibilities; the feeble flutter of a candle is iridescent of fairyland. The cheap and showy articles … Continue reading

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Life and Death of Dolls – October 1906

The objects of children’s fears often appear to us older people so harmless that their terror merely amuses us. A cock for instance is a fierce and formidable creature in the eyes of a small child. A little boy boldly … Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Hobby-Horse – June 1906

When Brown-Eyes overheard us saying that the rains had made the grass grow so long in the garden that it must be cut, he led out his hobby-horse to eat it down, and so save the trouble; and there it … Continue reading

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