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In a Train with Funeral Party – February 1924

I walked almost the whole length of a long train before I came to a third-class compartment that was not marked “Smoking.” There was a woman already seated in it, and she remarked as I sat down, “Although it isn’t … Continue reading

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The Travelling Talker – December 1922

There is nothing like talk for developing the mind said a school master to me. Children should be encouraged to talk with their parents especially at meal-times. The difficulty I have with my boys is that few of them can … Continue reading

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Selfish Smoking Travellers – September 1924

Two young mothers, exchanging notes on the age and weight of their infants, had left me alone in a railway carriage to resume my perusal of the morning’s criticisms of the Geneva speeches. Then a young man entered and prepared … Continue reading

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Warming Travelling Rugs – March 1916

Except on boats and in open carriages, one seldom sees a travelling rug now. The rug in its strap used to be a common sight on railway platforms. Now that railway carriages are heated from the engine, a rug is … Continue reading

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Pretended Helplessness – September 1912

It was the Northern Express at Carlisle, and a fashionably-dressed young woman got into our compartment and made a great spread of herself and her possessions. Then she went to the window to make her farewells to a male relative … Continue reading

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An Encounter – June 1914

It was market day, and our (railway train) compartment was filled with women and baskets, when at the last moment an old farmer scrambled in and squeezed himself into the nearest corner. Some of the women were known to him, … Continue reading

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Young Farmers of all Ages – March 1906 Monday

A group of listening students stand outside the stackyard while their teacher waves his hand first towards a ploughing team and then in the direction of a pungently-smelling cloud which proclaims the manure drill. He is explaining all the mysteries … Continue reading

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