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Tae Crticise the Crud – December 1895

“The world is too much with us late and soon; Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Those of a generation ago do not quite appreciate our modern custom of each taking a few days’ or a few … Continue reading

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Foretelling the Weather – September 1898

This summer, when the weather has changed so often and so suddenly we have had many opportunities of watching in nature the signs of change. Many signs are local or at least vary in degree with locality. A greater or … Continue reading

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Lax Boarding School – June 1912

My recollections of boarding school where discipline was somewhat lax and we were allowed to do pretty much as we liked. We sat in any part of the school room we chose and moved about as we liked (unless when … Continue reading

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Young Farmers of all Ages – March 1906 Monday

A group of listening students stand outside the stackyard while their teacher waves his hand first towards a ploughing team and then in the direction of a pungently-smelling cloud which proclaims the manure drill. He is explaining all the mysteries … Continue reading

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