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Letter Re Gretchen – September 1914

Sir, A rose when called by any other name would smell as sweet (so said the poet); but why should the lady who writes for the Household Page” in The Scottish Farmer sign herself by the very German name of … Continue reading

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Women and Agricultural Work – April 1915

(Not part of the Shanks column) A scheme which has the support of the Scottish Board of Agriculture, has been devised by the Scottish Committee on Women’s Employment with a view to facilitating the recruiting of female labour for farm … Continue reading

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X-Ray Field Hospital Car – February 1917

It is nearly a year since we started this fund. We aimed at one ambulance car, and through the generous response of readers we were enabled to provide a fleet of five ambulance cars for the Scottish Branch of the … Continue reading

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Sauce for the Goose – November 1914

Owing to the alleged increase of drinking among women — especially the wives of our soldiers — since the war began, it is proposed that Government should take some action — I write before the opening of Parliament — to … Continue reading

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Imputations of Cowardice – September 1914

On the whole, after the first few days of panic, we have accepted with great calm the situation of a nation at war. There must, nevertheless, be many hysterical minds responsible for the several tactless methods of inducing young men … Continue reading

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Out of Date Taunt – December 1914

When, sixty years ago, Florence Nightingale took a company of trained nurses out to the Crimea, there were many contemptuous insults heaped upon her. It was said — among other low-minded taunts — that she had gone out in search … Continue reading

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How’s the War Getting On – December 1914

One day when I was feeling a bit perplexed as to whether the time, labour, and money expended on making “comforts” for the soldiers was the wisest form of patriotism for women, I was cheered in reading these words from … Continue reading

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