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Harvest – October 1918

Only one harvest day in a whole week. The floods subsided and a strong wind scattered the clouds, leaving, stretches of blue sky from which the sun sent down his beams to help in the drying of the poor weather … Continue reading

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Contrasting Views – May 1924

It was the second really warm day of May, and I found an aged woman leaning on the parapet of a rustic bridge and gazing at the water beneath, wimpling over the grey stones between its primrose starred banks. “Isn’t … Continue reading

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Barefit Weemen in Faibruary – February 1908

They say “we have no old fashioned winters now” but I have experienced an infinite variety in my winters —- seen February fill the dyke and heard it, as this year, fill the air with song. Is it not reasonable … Continue reading

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Getting an Umbrella Repaired – Thusday January 1902

As we are able at present to sell all the butter and eggs in the house, it is not necessary for one of us to go to market. This convenience has its little inconveniences for we used to get our … Continue reading

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Falling Boots and Clogs – Wednesday December 1900

We have a man living in the house of solid sober habits who rises uncalled at the unearthly hour of five o’clock each morning and, of course he wakens everybody else with his heavy tread for our hired men sleep … Continue reading

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No Rain Since Sunday – Tuesday October 1908

It is a month since we have had such a remarkably dry spell. But the atmosphere is still, the sun dimmed and the corn, after such a prolonged soaking, is slow of drying. An extra hand that had been hired … Continue reading

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Sitting by the Flowers with Baby – Friday September 1902

(The bay described here would have been my Great Uncle Hugh born in 1902. Otherwise known as brown eyes in later posts) Better day and it is possible to sit outside for a little while in a rocky place where … Continue reading

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Apples Strewn, Flowers “Trinkled” – Wednesday September 1902

The greatest storm of this stormy summer. Last night the bed trembled under me and the sound of the trees was like the incoming tide on a steep shingly beach. It seemed as if the entire orchard would be torn … Continue reading

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Gooseberries and Raspberries

A fine breezy morning and all free hands to the hayfield! About nine o’clock the sky began to look threatening, and a fog deepened over the south-western horizon, blotting out the sea — now only discernible in the black sail … Continue reading

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Roses, Hay and then the Deluge – Friday August 1903

Today I found some common yarrow of a lovely pink colour — it is usually white — which is worthy of a place in a glass next to our finest garden rose. I have been on the lookout for a … Continue reading

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