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How I Became a Writer – March 1919

As unkind circumstances forbade my attendance at Wednesday evening’s function when members of the agricultural world met to do honour to Mr MacNeilage as Agricultural Editor and Secretary of the Clydesdale Horse Society, perhaps I may be allowed here to … Continue reading

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Beware the Smooth Man – January 1901

An unknown reader is afraid that I be uplifted by the anonymous admiration of one man and sends me the following warning : Youth unadmonished by a guide Will trust to any fair outside An error soon corrected For who … Continue reading

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Morning of Disturbances – Monday October 1900

I am not needed at the wash to-day, and bring my writing materials into the kitchen, where I may scribble my diary and watch the oven at the same time. It is seldom at any time that I can write … Continue reading

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No Predecessor to Gretchen – August 1913

A reader writes to ask the Editor if he does not think all farmers’ wives are as sick of the household articles about the children as she is. The answer to that is quite simple. The Editor does not know … Continue reading

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