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I can take no credit for this blog my Great Great Aunt Margaret Shanks wrote nearly all the content and Angus McDonald compiled it all into a book he intended to publish. Since Angus failed to get it published, the 500 pages of content in Word floundered for a few years with a cousin of mine. With the facilities we now have available on-line I have decided that to blog the column that Margaret wrote might work quite nicely.

All of this comes from my interest in Genealogy and another blog of mine documents that and other aspects of my life. Margaret as a Shanks was related to John Shanks who founded and ran the Shanks Sanitary Ware Company.

How am I going to do this? If I had every column rather than just a selection I would have enough posts to post daily every day for over 5 years. What I have will keep me going for a couple of years on a weekly basis. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

15 Responses to The Blogger

  1. ceciliag says:

    Fantastic,we are running a wee farm on old fashioned organic lines this looks like just my kind of reading.. c

  2. dacj40 says:

    Thanks for your comment. I have so much material for this so just keep coming back, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

  3. ceciliag says:

    i will be back and this weekend i shall pop this page into my weekend reading blog page, i have many friends who will be thrilled to find you as well.. c

  4. pattisj says:

    What a lovely idea for a blog. Thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read. Thank you.

  5. barb19 says:

    . . . and I am one of those thrilled to have found your blog through Cecilia! I haven’t read much of your blog yet as I only came across it today, but what I have read so far, is fascinating – just up my street!
    You have another follower!

  6. I am one who found your blog through Cecilia (above)! How could I not check it out with such a wonderful (albeit German!!) name! In fact, when I was in foreign language classes in high school, my name was always changed to “Margaret” since “Gretchen” and “Margaret” have the same meaning! As my grandparents emigrated as children to America, from Scotland, just before WW1, I am very much looking foward to reading your posts!

    • dacj40 says:

      At some point I will post the WW1 posts where she had to change the title of the column from Gretchen back to her real name. It caused no end of controversy at the time. If you like Scottish things check out the link on my other blog I posted about King Creosote who is a great Scottish folk musician ( I wouldn’t normally plug things but he is an old school friend of my wife)

  7. I too was referenced to your site by Cecilia. I can’t wait to see the future posts. I love it when someone sees value in things of the past. All we know today is because of what we experienced yesterday. Good job and good luck!

  8. Karen Carruth says:

    Hi, we also have the complete book that Angus MacDonald, and have been publishing small snippets of the Gretchen columns over the years. We love her work and are planning on publishing more of it online in the near future. Lovely to see that her work is being noticed.
    Karen Carruth, The Scottish Farmer newspaper.

    • dacj40 says:

      I’d like to get hold of more of the columns. Particularly ones that mention my grandmother and her brothers and sisters. In about a year when I run out of new columns from Angus’s book, I think I will get down to my local library request some back issues and start transcribing brand new ones. I wonder how Angus made his decisions on what to include or leave out? There is far more to be rediscovered than I have here.

      • Karen Carruth says:

        We do have a full archive of The Scottish Farmer issues, here in our Glasgow office. Bless Angus, he was so dedicated putting all the information together, just sorry that we didn’t get to publish more of it in his lifetime.

      • dacj40 says:

        Do you lend them out? I’m rather long way from Glasgow.

  9. Karen Carruth says:

    book *by Angus MacDonald, not that… oops

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